Welcome to the new virtual home of VVC

“We are convinced that a knowledge of [social] reforms is to be learned not so much by pondering over books or by discussions among politicians, as by going to visit the garrets in which the poor live, by sitting at the bedside of the dying, by feeling the cold which they feel, and by learning from their own lips the causes of their woes.”
–Blessed Frédéric Ozanam, Founder of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Welcome to the official blog of the Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati!  We’re glad you dropped by.
Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati (VVC) is a faith-based, year-long, residential service program. The program provides young professionals in their twenties an opportunity to grow in faith, friendship and service by giving deeply of themselves to their neighbors in need.
But what does that mean?  Read on to find out more!
Our founder, then-20-year-old college student Frédéric Ozanam, was challenged by a classmate – there needed to be more to life than academics and there ought to be more to his faith than simply believing. Following in his footsteps, the VVC members do not do their work from a distance or simply sit together talking about the social problems and inequalities that plague our city and world, but rather dive in to the experience, entering into relationship with others, and living out their faith in tangible ways. These young adults regularly make home visits to our neighbors in need, live in the neighborhood in which they work, and strive to figure out what solidarity can mean for them in a world caught up in individual success, even at the expense of others.
Keep dropping by the blog to hear some stories that our Volunteers (and alumni) share about their experiences and encounters as they walk alongside our neighbors in need.

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