Hello All! My name is Demar Lewis and I am currently completing a year of service in the Vincentian Volunteer Program through the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (officially referred to as VVC) in Cincinnati, OH. Thus far, I am loving the experience that I am having and look forward to sharing different moments and thoughts with you over the next several months.

A bit about me: born in California, grew up in Denver, CO, and attended college at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. After graduating from St. Thomas in 2011, I spent a short time doing some consulting with an engineering company in Montreal and then began working full time at General Electric-Aviation in their Financial Management Program. During this time, I realized that the environment in Corporate America was not the kind of environment I wanted to spend the rest of my life in. Though I was well-compensated in monetary terms, I was starving spiritually and yearned for a professional opportunity that would give me a chance to work with people directly and have a valuable impact. Thus, I left GE at the end of January 2013 to take control of my life and strike out for new endeavors. Prior to leaving GE, I had been volunteering with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul through my church locally in Cincinnati, and it was the best 2.5-3 hours of my week. After leaving, it occurred to me that I should see if there were any year of service or fellowship programs that were sponsored by the organization locally to explore personal, professional, and spiritual interests in a new setting. Lucky for me there was, and the rest is history.

Life is an adventure that often catches us by surprise. In some moments, we feel like we are in control of everything, and in others, God demonstrates to us who really has the final say. Do not be afraid by this. It is alright to go against the grain of society and pursue opportunities like a year of service with VVC because you are striving to preserve your personal welfare and discover your professional vocation. Never be afraid to follow your heart and live your dreams, as you only have this one life to live…might as well be happy along the way, right?

I hope that you find this introduction somewhat useful. Moving forward I will try and update this blog a few times a month, but please feel free to contact me directly with questions or suggestions for topics that are of interest to you. My email is dflewis05@gmail.com.

Happy Holidays & God Bless!



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