April Showers…

God has provided the gift of rain to this Earth. Mostly to replenish the Earth and to some extent wash away what shouldn’t be; but if you think about it, eventually you have got to look up and wonder why does it keep raining on me, and when will it end. I believe  in the same way that God sends rain to replenish the Earth, he also does the same in our lives with different experiences; but unlike the things of this Earth you can’t pull up an app to tell you which days it’s coming, for how long, and the likelihood of the rain. For us we just have to sit and endure, umbrella or not.

I most recently started reflecting on these moments of torrential downpour in my life for several reasons. One, to humble myself and take a moment to recognize the greater powers that be in my own life; two, to really reflect on my spiritual and personal growth after “the storm.” I was beginning to feel somewhat overwhelmed and started getting down on myself for everything I hadn’t accomplished and then I realized that part of moving forward is taking a quick look back; not to see how much I have failed but to visualize how far I’ve come. In trying to conceptualize this within my own thoughts I turned to the good book, the Bible (KJV), and found a verse that spoke directly to these situations and more directly to my metaphor.

Psalm 30:5 reads “For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning”. This verse spoke volumes to me because in it I saw how hard ache is only temporary but the lesson that is learned is valuable for a lifetime. As it relates to the metaphor of rain, I began to realize that it’s not about waiting until the rain is over but learning to dance in the midst of it. I would never want to give God the impression that I’m ungrateful for the opportunities that have been and will be provided for me, so I give praise and thanks in both good and bad situations; because soon after the storm has passed there’s a rainbow of his blessings with your name on it just waiting for you to receive. The point is that the rain is meant for reflection and realization. The rain prepares you to receive the sunshine and most often therein lie your blessings.



Tim BarrTim Barr is a native of Dayton, OH and a graduate of Xavier University. With his degree in communication studies, he uses it daily in operation of the SVDP Free-choice Food Pantry. Tim helps organize donations, guide volunteer groups through the pantry, and assist clients in their food pantry experience. Tim takes pride in helping the people in the community in which he lives, making the VVC program a perfect fit for him. In his free time Tim enjoys exploring the arts: museums, music, and poetry.