Courage to Stay

“Grant Me”

by Jeanette Lesenko, written 11/13/15


Grant me the courage to stay

To be with those in pain

And to lean on others for support

When I can no longer support myself


Grant me the patience to be.




To listen with my whole heart

And accept that growth and change take time

When I become frustrated with myself or others


Grant me the honesty to give

To be true to myself and others

And stand up against the world’s injustices

As the rights of others are wrongly stripped


Grant me expressions of love

To show others my true colors

And feelings that can be filtered through

When the familiar logic of my mind conveys outer apathy


Finally, grant me your love

To fuel a well-intentioned spirit unconditionally

And accept me for all my shortcomings

Especially when I fall short of my best self


Jeanette-SelfieThis is a prayer-poem that I wrote in November of this past year with VVC. I wanted to encompass what I was feeling at that point in the year with all of the changes and adjustments that come with a new position, new insights on local injustices, a new community and dynamics, etc. It was the time of year for change, both inside and out, as the leaves changed and so did I. I wanted to start the poem off with a mantra that I had recently identified around this time- “Grant me the courage to stay”- one that I have cycled back to time and time again that has given me the strength and courage to continue on as I attempt to walk through my fears and insecurities this year rather than walk around or ignore them. Enjoy! – Jeanette Lesenko (in photo ,front and center)


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