The First ‘Trimester’

By Phyllis Kyei Mensah

First trimester

I can’t believe that exactly three months ago, we all met for the first time – both clueless and curious about what lies ahead of us. Just like conception of a new baby, where the first three months is considered the most precarious stage, the first three months of VVC have been a bumpy ride with ups and downs…

Just like the discomforts of the early days of pregnancy, we have all had our moments of discomfort, anxiety and vulnerability-unsure of how to react to the new life we are experiencing. This stage demanded that we changed old lifestyles and habits, stepped out of our comforts zones, and even for some of us, changed our eating habits. As uncomfortable as these were, they were necessary measures that we  needed to take so we could grow.

Nevertheless, just like how the baby’s body parts and organs begin to develop in the first trimester, our community has seen tremendous growth in the last three months. Thanks to our professional development workshops, reflection and spiritual nights, we have learnt about each others personalities, faith and stories. Through these, we have come to appreciate the strengths we each bring to our community and have also learnt ways to effectively accommodate and adjust to our different personalities.

The basic organs of the community have now been formed…

Therefore, as we stand at the threshold of the second trimester today, we are now more confident and comfortable around each other. Relationships that have already been established will blossom and the community as a whole will discover its true form and identity. However, this is only the beginning of the journey because there is more room for growth and progress.

And so I will say that we are all looking forward to the next stage of this important journey!


About the Author

1508801476220 Phyllis Kyei Mensah (left) is from Ghana. An ardent admirer of different cultures and a music lover, she finds the most pleasure in learning about and discussing different cultures and lifestyles. When not at her Community Relations desk at Bank Street, you will find her at the Winton Terrace SVDP office helping out with social services.