5 Worst Questions You Hear on Christmas Break

Finals are over. It’s time to relax, drink cocoa, bake cookies with Nana and forget that World Civ paper ever happened.

And then it hits you. You’re a senior. You have to figure out your life and next steps in a few short months.

Then the questions about your post-grad plans begin. From Nana, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Steve, your parents…everyone. Don’t they know you can’t possibly have thought of your future plans, you were too busy spending the past two months (okay, maybe two days) writing that philosophy paper worth 75% of your grade?!

If you find yourself in this situation, we offer you some answers to these annoying questions, so you don’t have to spend all Christmas break dodging questions and avoiding the eye contact of your friends and family.

What are your plans after graduation?

Ahhh this is a classic. A question for the ages. If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me this question, my student loans would be paid off…maybe.

While this question is loaded with many facets, you could give them an answer. My suggestion…you could tell them you were about to embark on the best first job you could ever have… VVC!

If you were doing VVC, you could tell your friends and family you were going to spend the next year gaining professional experience using your interests and talents while deepening your passion for faith and justice.

“What will you even do with that degree?

As a freshman, that underwater basket weaving major with a minor in party planning seemed like a great idea. But now that you are a senior, you are doubting your choice, and wondering how you can use that knowledge in the “real world”.

If you were doing a year with VVC, you could tell Nana that you are taking the next year to explore different ways to use your gifts and talents to serve the world in a safe and supportive environment.

“How are you planning to pay your student loans?”

The reality of student loans is one our generation knows all too well, and Uncle Steve just loves bringing it up any chance he gets.

If you were doing VVC, you could tell Uncle Steve that upon completion of the program, you would receive an Education Award that can be used to pay off loans or pay for future schooling!

“Have you even lived on your own? Do you know how to do things?”

While the college bubble is nice, by this time you are probably ready to get out on your own, but you are terrified of having to actually do things. If you were doing VVC, you could confidently tell your mom that while you don’t know how to cook right now, this time next year you will have confidence and experience cooking for a group, budgeting, and doing simple house maintenance.

The best part is that you will be living with people who are also trying to figure it out, and you will have a great support system when you don’t know the answer.

You will also get to participate in professional development workshops that can help you both personally and professionally.

“How do you plan on getting into grad school with no experience?”

You know the vicious cycle. You can’t get into school without experience, and you can’t get the job without the degree.


Through VVC, you can engage in meaningful work that will help your resume stand out. You can reassure Aunt Debbie that 100% of VVC alumni have been meaningfully employed or continued on in their education within six months of the end of the program.


The thought of graduation doesn’t have to make you turn to eating an entire pack of candy canes, and you don’t have to convince yourself that life as a snowman might just be easier.

If you consider a year with VVC, you can be assured that you are taking a meaningful next step in your personal growth and professional career, and can spend your Christmas break the way it was meant to be: sleeping in, drinking cocoa, baking cookies, and enjoying a much needed rest.