A Day in the Life of Miss Carmen, the Fantastic

By: Carmen López Agredano

I remember that when I applied to be a VVC one of my main concerns was if in my job position I would be busy and if I would have responsibilities or I was going to become the girl that brings coffee.

Well, there is no one here who brings coffee – the work that I’m doing here keeps me so busy that there is no time for that. The reality is that I’m pretty busy.

Monday and Thursday mornings I do walk-ins which are some of the greatest moments of the week because gives me the opportunity to encounter our neighbors. It is a neat moment because you work with the people one on one, and at the end of the walk-ins I feel so much lighter and blessed.

Some Wednesday I do home visits for our Latino community. I’m the link between SVDP and our Spanish speaking clients. Also, because I am a native speaker I help at the pharmacy with translations, making posters with information for clients who suffer from diabetes… It’s amazing how quickly you start creating relationships!

Fridays afternoon I am at the Pantry doing intakes, it’s a great way to end the week!

The rest of my time I’m at my desk being a Conference Support. You might ask what is a Conference? Well… a Conference is a parish-based of volunteers who act as the Outreach Center but in a particular area.

I make sure that the Conferences have everything they need, help them with resources, and be the link with the Outreach Center! I review and approve the Homeless Prevention Program, a program to help our neighbors in the different Conferences to avoid homelessness by assisting them with rent or utility payments.

During this year, my professional skills have grown in a way that I couldn’t imagine!

Not only have I grown in a professional way, I have grown personally: it has been an amazing transformation. Living in community has been key in that transformation, sharing my faith journey, having conversations that matter, watching movies, going out for a walk…  Being from another country and living with people from the USA and other countries has enriched me so much! I’m always willing to celebrate some American holiday or to try some dish from Kenya!

You transform every single day; there is no day that I’ve been not learning something!


file-3Carmen López Agredano is originally from Algeciras, Spain. She has an artist’s heart, and sees the beauty in everyday life. When she is not trying to convince the rest of the VVC community about the supremacy of cats, she is doing something thoughtful for someone else, bringing the community together, or going on adventures.


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